Selected to Jostens BCS National Championship Rings Design

Minneapolis, MN (Nasdaq) 20 December 2010


today by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) group on the official developer and provider of BCS National Championship BCS National Park selected rings Championship games played in January 2011 -2014. The four-year contract extends Jostens? Exclusive contract with BCS, which began in January 2007.

? Jostens is honored to once again make the BCS group and the desired BCS championship rings, capturing the national winning team will be selected to help? s season? Said Chris Poitras, director of sports marketing and development, Jostens. ? We look forward to working with the group and the BCS championship winning teams of the Rings reminds unique design of these years? Are eternal symbols of their achievements and hard work and dedication.

work with the leaders of the BCS and BCS National Championship Game to win institution, Jostens to design, produce and deliver BCS championship rings, helping to recognize and celebrate the winning team? s services. Championship rings to be awarded annually to the winning team in an event and the institution developed Jostens ring.

? We are delighted to expand our partnership with Jostens to win the design and supply of rings to athletes and coaches, the BCS National Championship Game? , Said Bill Hancock, chief executive of Bowl Championship Series. ? We appreciate the hard work to create these rings Jostens and how they grasp the situation, the team? S outstanding performances during the football season. Each ring is a popular keepsake that will be treasured for generations.


designs and manufactures championship rings and trophies, the champion of college sports. Jostens 28 of the 44 NFL Super Bowl has created rings, including the ring to win the Super Bowl I Green Bay Packers. Jostens has the NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup Championship and World Series rings created. Collection of Jostens’ championship ring can be seen in

About Jostens

Minneapolis-based Jostens is a provider of products, programs and services that people tell their stories, traditions recognize and celebrate significant achievements to help. The company? S products include school yearbooks and other scrapbook products, school products such as class rings and graduation products and products for athletic champions and their fans. Jostens is a subsidiary of Visant Corporation, a marketing and publishing services service the school affinity, direct marketing, fragrance and cosmetics sampling and educational institutions in the field of publishing and retail.

About the Bowl Championship Series

The BCS is a five college football games post-season, which is administered by the Bowl Subdivision conferences and Notre Dame 11. His goal is to match the two top teams in the BCS Championship Game by a national championship game match-ups and competitive advantage in the four BCS bowl games from others. For more information, visit

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